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As we know, the man is strong because he was able to make and use tools. With the tools he made, man is able to cross the ocean, flying in the sky, dive into the deep sea, or even able to go into space and create a station in outer space as a place of research and development for a variety of interests. Even in making the tools it needs patience, perseverance, tenacity and strong will.

Our Commitment

xSiA Systems is committed to help provide the tools of information technology solutions for our clients to become stronger. This tool will be effective if built according to user needs. Therefore we always work together in synergy with our clients to design, implement, test and re-evaluate again, in order to really fit with the needs of our clients.

EIS (Enterprise Information System)EIS (Enterprise Information System or corporate information center) serves ready access to information services and service integration between systems with standard SOA (Service Oriented Architecture as the latest integration technology). Read more...

Dynamic Visual Network or image-based communication network Dynamic Visual Networks is an image-based online information system that was built to support the visual communication.We combine this system with a digital map or GIS so that various information can be accessed by geographic location as a reference, so visually dynamic objects (eg vessel or other floating device that can change its position) can be monitored in real-time from which , anytime and by anyone easily. Read more...

GIS (Geographic Information System) or Digital MapDigital maps or GIS (Geographic Information System) is an information system capable of storing, accessing, analyzing various information with geographic location as a reference. One application that we are developing is an online monitoring system to monitor and control the shipyards and ports. Read more...

Integrated Warehouse System Make sure your warehouse operations well controlled. Read more...

SA (Situational Awareness) or the concept of modern information systems to support decision-makers Our efforts in the development of SA is to integrate digital maps or GIS (Geographic Information System), Dynamic Visual Networks and EIS (Enterprise Information System) into a unique solution that can support decision makers in making informed decisions, quickly and effectively. Read more...

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