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Most information systems are built in the country is only intended as a tool for data processing and management information only. Although such systems have proved very helpful in improving the operational effectiveness of the company, the computer as a tool would be more useful if able to make the operator or user to understand the meaning of displayed information better. Therefore we focus on visualization of information with either GIS (Geographic Information System), Dynamic Visual Network, models pictures, and more. We believe that private companies, state-owned companies, government agencies and other institutions could be much better and stronger if they do the correct and appropriate utilization of Information Technology.

Starting from overseas experience

Our engineers have experience abroad researching, designing, implementing and building a variety of software. Among his experiences was a researcher at Tohoku University in Sendai Japan, when he was researching AI (Artificial Intelligence), Pattern Recognition to be applied in nuclear power plant safety, and the Medical System (Diagnostic Imaging System) to manage the brain images of the Japanese at the Tohoku University. In some private companies in Tokyo, Sendai and Yamanashi Kofu, our engineers had also been a researcher and developer of software, such as digital maps or GIS (Geographic Information System), Distributed System, Face Recognition, 3D engine for mobile phone and so forth. We hope for a dozen years of experience in the land of Sakura, can provide a bit more contribution to the progress of this country (Indonesia).

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